A/C on Wheels Front Picture

20, 40, 120, 240 Ton Units

230v or 460v


Skid or trailer mounted

Delivery/setup available

Power supply available

Overnight installation

Honolulu-based equipment

Chiller Rental Hawaii

Togami & Co. Ltd.


Warren Togami
Phone: 808-479-8705
After Hours: 808-478-6297
Email: warren@forklifthawaii.com

Temporary & Emergency Chiller Rental

Units are ready for fast setup with valved CHW connections, 460/230v transformer, CHW pump, timer and controls. Each unit is mounted on a frame suitable for crane/forklift or trailer-mount. Start-up, routine maintenance and trouble-calls are included.

Please call or e-mail for quotes, scheduling or other information. Longer-term or permanent chiller leasing are also available.

120 ton Chiller

Two 120 ton Chillers

20 to 40 ton Chiller